Cicero: History Beyond the Textbook™

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CICERO: History Beyond the Textbook™ is the core of AIHE's Digital Schoolbox™ and utilizes a range of multimedia tools designed to engage, enhance
and expand the overall Pre-K through 12 classroom (teacher and student) experience – online, anytime, virtually anywhere.

CICERO was developed by historians, professors, academics and teachers for teachers. CICERO coversU.S. History from 600 B.C. to the present day,
providing teachers with hundreds of lessons at thehigh, middle and elementary school levels, aligned with state standards. Qualified, organized, digitized and delivered, CICERO is the Ultimate Classroom Resource.

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Pre-K through 12 Teacher and Student Resources:

• Lesson plans   • Activities
• Self-authoring lessons   • Videos
• Primary sources   • Audio files
• Methods   • Galleries
• Standards   • Powerpoints
• Rubrics   • Interactive maps
• Assessments   • Timelines
• Charts and tables   • Lesson Designs

American Institute for History Education

The American Institute for History Education (AIHE) was founded in 2003 to provide history teachers with high-quality professional development programs, firmly anchored in rich historical content, along with substantive historical lessons, activities and resources to use in their classrooms. AIHE appreciates the tremendous need for teachers to have access to optimum quality historical content and more advanced resources. Study after study, and results from National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing, demonstrate that American students are not receiving competent history education opportunities. Both students and teachers have been subjected to banal textbooks and programs that barely skim over the crucial issues in American History.

Students need to be engaged in substantive historical content. Only through reading solid, exciting historical narratives, while being engaged in intellectually stimulating activities, and then working with primary source materials, will students grasp the essential events of American History and proficiently comprehend the crucial issues of modern society.


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Cicero is available to public and private school districts.

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